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This is not necessarily a need but based on certain factors it can definitely be a game changer. You should base your graphics card you are wanting off the monitor you will be using. That is why we always ask what resolution & what frame rate your monitor is because if you go beyond that there is no real gain.

Both are great, it only is a matter of what has a better sale at the time and what price range you are in.

If you are just going to be gaming, have discord up & only a few tabs up then 16gb is still a solid option. If you plan to stream & do a lot of other things at once while gaming then it would be good to have 32gb of RAM.

Yes, we like to show you the process of what goes in to putting together your device. You can opt-out of having your setup build being streamed.

We use UPS primarily with insurance & signature required delivery. We also use premium professional packaging to insure it gets there safe & sound.

We have been building computers for over 15 years. Mostly starting out building for friends & family members then realized people need quality built computers. So, we started out on Facebook marketplace & have been growing ever since.

Higher end CPUs are not required for gaming at the highest level. We would estimate that 95% of people only ever need an I5 or Ryzen 5 for gaming & streaming. The people who do need high core count (high end CPUs) are those who need it for advanced programs not gaming.

This depends on the current volume of orders but usually within 8 – 10 days for building live on Twitch. From there shipping typically is usually 2 – 3 days to arrive at your location. We try to keep it under 2 weeks from ordering.

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